sds_queue - Man Page


#include <sds.h>

Data Fields

struct _sds_queue_node * head
struct _sds_queue_node * tail
void(* value_free_fn )(void *value)

Detailed Description

A queue that is internally a doubly linked list.

Field Documentation

struct _sds_queue_node* sds_queue::head

The pointer to the current active head node. This is the 'next' node that will be dequeued and acted upon during the dequeue (pop) operation.

struct _sds_queue_node* sds_queue::tail

The tail of the queue. This is the 'last' value that was inserted.

void(* sds_queue::value_free_fn) (void *value)

If there are remaining nodes when the queue is destroyed, the queue will be drained and this free function called on the value of within.


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