sds_ht_node - Man Page


#include <sds.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t checksum
uint64_t txn_id
uint_fast32_t count
struct _sds_ht_node * parent
size_t parent_slot
sds_ht_slot slots [HT_SLOTS]

Detailed Description

ht node

Field Documentation

uint32_t sds_ht_node::checksum

the checksum

uint_fast32_t sds_ht_node::count

the count

struct _sds_ht_node* sds_ht_node::parent

the parent

size_t sds_ht_node::parent_slot

the parent slot

sds_ht_slot sds_ht_node::slots[HT_SLOTS]

the slots

uint64_t sds_ht_node::txn_id

transaction id


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