sds_ht_instance - Man Page


#include <sds.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t checksum
char hkey [16]
sds_ht_node * root
int64_t(* key_cmp_fn )(void *a, void *b)
uint64_t(* key_size_fn )(void *key)
void *(* key_dup_fn )(void *key)
void(* key_free_fn )(void *key)
void *(* value_dup_fn )(void *value)
void(* value_free_fn )(void *value)

Detailed Description

ht instance

Field Documentation

uint32_t sds_ht_instance::checksum

the checksum

char sds_ht_instance::hkey[16]

the key

int64_t(* sds_ht_instance::key_cmp_fn) (void *a, void *b)

the keycompare function

void *(* sds_ht_instance::key_dup_fn) (void *key)

the key dup function

void(* sds_ht_instance::key_free_fn) (void *key)

the key free function

uint64_t(* sds_ht_instance::key_size_fn) (void *key)

the key size function

sds_ht_node* sds_ht_instance::root

the root

void *(* sds_ht_instance::value_dup_fn) (void *value)

the value dup function

void(* sds_ht_instance::value_free_fn) (void *value)

the value free function


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