sd_journal_has_runtime_files man page

sd_journal_has_runtime_files, sd_journal_has_persistent_files — Query availability of runtime or persistent journal files.


#include <systemd/sd-journal.h>

int sd_journal_has_runtime_files(sd_journal *j);

int sd_journal_has_persistent_files(sd_journal *j);


sd_journal_has_runtime_files() returns a positive value if runtime journal files (present in /run/systemd/journal/) have been found. Otherwise returns 0.

sd_journal_has_persistent_files() returns a positive value if persistent journal files (present in /var/log/journal/) have been found. Otherwise returns 0.

Return Value

Both sd_journal_has_runtime_files() and sd_journal_has_persistent_files() return -EINVAL if their argument is NULL.


All functions listed here are thread-agnostic and only a single thread may operate on a given sd_journal object.

These APIs are implemented as a shared library, which can be compiled and linked to with the libsystemd pkg-config(1) file.

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Referenced By

sd-journal(3), systemd.directives(7), systemd.index(7).

The man page sd_journal_has_persistent_files(3) is an alias of sd_journal_has_runtime_files(3).

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