sd_bus_set_address - Man Page

Set or query the address of the bus connection


#include <systemd/sd-bus.h>

int sd_bus_set_address(sd_bus *bus, const char *address);

int sd_bus_get_address(sd_bus *bus, const char **address);

int sd_bus_set_exec(sd_bus *bus, const char *path, char *const *argv);


sd_bus_set_address() configures a list of addresses of bus brokers to try to connect to from a subsequent sd_bus_start(3) call. The argument is a ";"-separated list of addresses to try. Each item must be one of the following:

In all cases, parameter guid is an identifier of the remote peer, in the syntax accepted by sd_id128_from_string(3). If specified, the identifier returned by the peer after the connection is established will be checked and the connection will be rejected in case of a mismatch.

Note that the addresses passed to sd_bus_set_address() may not be verified immediately. If they are invalid, an error may be returned e.g. from a subsequent call to sd_bus_start(3).

sd_bus_get_address() returns any previously set addresses. In addition to being explicitly set by sd_bus_set_address(), the address will also be set automatically by sd_bus_open(3) and similar calls, based on environment variables or built-in defaults.

sd_bus_set_exec() is a shorthand function for setting a "unixexec" address that spawns the given executable with the given arguments. If argv is NULL, the given executable is spawned without any extra arguments.

Return Value

On success, these functions return a non-negative integer. On failure, they return a negative errno-style error code.


Returned errors may indicate the following problems:


The input parameters bus or address are NULL.

Added in version 246.


The bus object bus could not be resolved.

Added in version 246.


The input parameter bus is in a wrong state (sd_bus_set_address() may only be called once on a newly-created bus object).

Added in version 246.


The bus object bus was created in a different process.

Added in version 246.


The bus object bus has no address configured.

Added in version 246.


Functions described here are available as a shared library, which can be compiled against and linked to with the libsystemd pkg-config(1) file.

The code described here uses getenv(3), which is declared to be not multi-thread-safe. This means that the code calling the functions described here must not call setenv(3) from a parallel thread. It is recommended to only do calls to setenv() from an early phase of the program when no other threads have been started.


sd_bus_set_address(), sd_bus_get_address(), and sd_bus_set_exec() were added in version 246.

See Also

systemd(1), sd-bus(3), sd_bus_new(3), sd_bus_start(3), systemd-machined.service(8), machinectl(1)

Referenced By

sd-bus(3), sd_bus_default(3), sd_bus_new(3), sd_bus_set_server(3), sd_bus_start(3), systemd.directives(7), systemd.index(7), systemd-stdio-bridge(1).

The man pages sd_bus_get_address(3) and sd_bus_set_exec(3) are aliases of sd_bus_set_address(3).

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