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scan_ip6 - Man Page

parse an IPv6 number in ASCII representation


#include <ip6.h>

int scan_ip6(const char *src,char ip[16]);


scan_ip6 parses an IPv6 number in RFC1884 ASCII representation from src and writes the result into ip. It returns the number of bytes read from src or 0 if the parsing failed.

scan_ip6 accepts upper and lower case hex letters, it understands "::" compression and partial IPv4 addresses as in "::FFFF:".

To allow transparent usage of IPv4 in IPv6 applications, scan_ip6 also understands IPv4 addresses in dotted-decimal notation and will return an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address (i.e. "" will be parsed as "::FFFF:".

Unlike many other IP parsing routines, scan_ip6 does not recognize octal (like 0177.0.0.1) or hexadecimal numbers (like 0x7f000001) in the IPv4 part.


#include <str.h>
#include <ip6.h>

 char buf[]="::1";
 char ip[16];
 if (scan_ip6(buf,ip) != str_len(buf))

See Also

scan_ip6if(3), fmt_ip6(3), scan_ip4(3), inet_pton(3)

Referenced By

fmt_ip6(3), fmt_ip6c(3), fmt_ip6if(3), fmt_ip6ifc(3), scan_ip4(3), scan_ip6_flat(3).