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sc_RedundantCartesianSubIterV3 - Man Page



Inherits sc::RedundantCartesianSubIter.

Public Member Functions

RedundantCartesianSubIterV3 (int l)
int bfn ()
Return the current Cartesian basis function number.

Public Member Functions inherited from sc::RedundantCartesianSubIter
RedundantCartesianSubIter (int l)
Create a object for the given angular momentum.
void start (int a, int b, int c)
Initialize the iterator.
void next ()
Move to the next combination of axes.
operator int () const
Returns nonzero if the iterator currently hold valid data.
int a () const
The current exponent of x.
int b () const
The current exponent of y.
int c () const
The current exponent of z.
int l () const
The angular momentum.
int l (int i)
Returns a() if i==0, b() if i==1, and c() if i==2.
int axis (int i)
Return the i'th axis.

Member Function Documentation

int sc::RedundantCartesianSubIterV3::bfn () [inline], [virtual]

Return the current Cartesian basis function number.

Implements sc::RedundantCartesianSubIter.

References sc::RedundantCartesianSubIter::a(), sc::RedundantCartesianSubIter::b(), and sc::RedundantCartesianSubIter::l().


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