sc_LimitExceeded - Man Page

This is thrown when a limit is exceeded.


#include <scexception.h>

Inherits sc::SCException.

Public Member Functions

LimitExceeded (const char *description, const char *file, int line, T lim, T val, const ClassDesc *class_desc=0, const char *exception_type='LimitExceeded')  throw ()
LimitExceeded (const LimitExceeded &ref)  throw ()
T tolerance ()  throw ()
T value ()  throw ()

Detailed Description

template<class T>

class sc::LimitExceeded< T >"This is thrown when a limit is exceeded.

It is more general than ToleranceExceeded. For problems that are numerical in nature and use double types, then ToleranceExceeded should be used instead.


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