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Inherits sc::DiagSCMatrix.

Public Member Functions

DistDiagSCMatrix (const RefSCDimension &, DistSCMatrixKit *)
double get_element (int) const
Return or modify an element.
void set_element (int, double)
void accumulate_element (int, double)
void accumulate (const DiagSCMatrix *)
Sum m into this.
double invert_this ()
Invert this.
double determ_this ()
Return the determinant of this. this is overwritten.
double trace ()
Return the trace.
void gen_invert_this ()
Do a generalized inversion of this.
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp > &)
Perform the element operation op on each element of this.
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp2 > &, DiagSCMatrix *)
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp3 > &, DiagSCMatrix *, DiagSCMatrix *)
Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > local_blocks (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access)
Returns iterators for the local (rapidly accessible) blocks used in this matrix.
Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > all_blocks (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access)
Returns iterators for the all blocks used in this matrix.
Ref< DistSCMatrixKit > skit ()

Protected Member Functions

void init_blocklist ()
double * find_element (int i) const
int element_to_node (int i) const
int block_to_node (int) const
Ref< SCMatrixBlock > block_to_block (int) const
void error (const char *msg)

Protected Attributes

Ref< SCMatrixBlockList > blocklist


class DistSCMatrix
class DistSymmSCMatrix
class DistSCVector


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