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Inherits sc::SymmSCMatrix.

Public Member Functions

BlockedSymmSCMatrix (const RefSCDimension &, BlockedSCMatrixKit *)
void save (StateOut &)
Save and restore this in an implementation independent way.
void restore (StateIn &)
double get_element (int, int) const
Return or modify an element.
void set_element (int, int, double)
void accumulate_element (int, int, double)
void scale (double)
Multiply all elements by val.
void assign_val (double)
Overridden to implement the assign functions.
void assign_s (SymmSCMatrix *m)
SCMatrix * get_subblock (int, int, int, int)
Return a subblock of this.
SymmSCMatrix * get_subblock (int, int)
void assign_subblock (SCMatrix *, int, int, int, int)
Assign m to a subblock of this.
void assign_subblock (SymmSCMatrix *, int, int)
void accumulate_subblock (SCMatrix *, int, int, int, int)
Sum m into a subblock of this.
void accumulate_subblock (SymmSCMatrix *, int, int)
SCVector * get_row (int i)
Return a row of this.
void assign_row (SCVector *v, int i)
Assign v to a row of this.
void accumulate_row (SCVector *v, int i)
Sum v to a row of this.
double invert_this ()
Invert this.
double determ_this ()
Return the determinant of this. this is overwritten.
double trace ()
Return the trace.
double solve_this (SCVector *)
void gen_invert_this ()
double scalar_product (SCVector *)
Return the scalar obtained by multiplying this on the left and right by v.
void diagonalize (DiagSCMatrix *, SCMatrix *)
Diagonalize this, placing the eigenvalues in d and the eigenvectors in m.
void accumulate (const SymmSCMatrix *)
Sum m into this.
void accumulate_symmetric_outer_product (SCVector *)
void accumulate_symmetric_product (SCMatrix *)
void accumulate_symmetric_sum (SCMatrix *)
Sum into this the products of various vectors or matrices.
void accumulate_transform (SCMatrix *, SymmSCMatrix *, SCMatrix::Transform=SCMatrix::NormalTransform)
void accumulate_transform (SCMatrix *, DiagSCMatrix *, SCMatrix::Transform=SCMatrix::NormalTransform)
void accumulate_transform (SymmSCMatrix *, SymmSCMatrix *)
void convert_accumulate (SymmSCMatrix *a)
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp > &)
Perform the element operation op on each element of this.
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp2 > &, SymmSCMatrix *)
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp3 > &, SymmSCMatrix *, SymmSCMatrix *)
void vprint (const char *title=0, std::ostream &out=ExEnv::out0(), int=10) const
RefSCDimension dim () const
RefSCDimension dim (int) const
int nblocks () const
RefSymmSCMatrix block (int)
Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > local_blocks (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access)
Returns iterators for the local (rapidly accessible) blocks used in this matrix.
Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > all_blocks (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access)
Returns iterators for the all blocks used in this matrix.


class BlockedSCMatrix
class BlockedDiagSCMatrix
class BlockedSCVector

Additional Inherited Members

Member Function Documentation

SCMatrix* sc::BlockedSymmSCMatrix::get_subblock (int br, int er, int bc, int ec) [virtual]

Return a subblock of this. The subblock is defined as the rows starting at br and ending at er, and the columns beginning at bc and ending at ec.

Implements sc::SymmSCMatrix.


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