sasl_getconfpath_t man page

sasl_getconfpath_t ā€” The SASL callback to indicate location of the config files


#include <sasl.h>

int sasl_getconfpath_t(void *context, 
		        char ** path);


sasl_getconfpath_t is used if the application wishes to use a different location for the SASL configuration files. If this callback is not used SASL will either use the location in the environment variable SASL_CONF_PATH (provided we are not SUID or SGID) or /etc/sasl2 by default.

Return Value

SASL callback functions should return SASL return codes. See sasl.h for a complete list. SASL_OK indicates success.

Conforming to

RFC 4422

See Also

sasl(3), sasl_callbacks(3), sasl_errors(3)

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