sasl_auxprop_getctx man page

sasl_auxprop_getctx — Acquire an auxiliary property context


#include <sasl/sasl.h>

int sasl_auxprop_getctx(sasl_conn_t *conn)


sasl_auxprop_getctx will return an auxiliary property context for the given sasl_conn_t on which the functions described in sasl_auxprop(3) can operate.

conn the sasl_conn_t for which the request is being made.

Return Value

Returns a pointer the the context on success.  Returns NULL on failure.

Conforming to

RFC 4422

See Also

sasl(3), sasl_auxprop(3), sasl_auxprop_request(3)

Referenced By

sasl(3), sasl_auxprop(3), sasl_auxprop_request(3).

10 July 2001 SASL man pages