rtcSetGeometryBuildQuality.3embree3 - Man Page


rtcSetGeometryBuildQuality - sets the build quality for the geometry


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>

void rtcSetGeometryBuildQuality(
  RTCGeometry geometry,
  enum RTCBuildQuality quality


The rtcSetGeometryBuildQuality function sets the build quality (quality argument) for the specified geometry (geometry argument). The per-geometry build quality is only a hint and may be ignored. Embree currently uses the per-geometry build quality when the scene build quality is set to RTC_BUILD_QUALITY_LOW. In this mode a two-level acceleration structure is build, and geometries build a separate acceleration structure using the geometry build quality. The per-geometry build quality can be one of:

  • RTC_BUILD_QUALITY_LOW: Creates lower quality data structures, e.g. for dynamic scenes.
  • RTC_BUILD_QUALITY_MEDIUM: Default build quality for most usages. Gives a good compromise between build and render performance.
  • RTC_BUILD_QUALITY_HIGH: Creates higher quality data structures for final-frame rendering. Enables a spatial split builder for certain primitive types.
  • RTC_BUILD_QUALITY_REFIT: Uses a BVH refitting approach when changing only the vertex buffer.


On failure an error code is set that can be queried using rtcGetDeviceError.




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