rtcOccludedNp.3embree3 - Man Page


rtcOccludedNp - finds any hits for a SOA ray stream of size N


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>

void rtcOccludedNp(
  RTCScene scene,
  struct RTCIntersectContext* context,
  struct RTCRayNp* ray,
  unsigned int N


The rtcOccludedNp function checks whether there are any hits for a SOA ray stream (ray argument) of size N (basically a large ray packet) with the scene (scene argument). The ray argument points to a structure of pointers with one pointer for each ray component. Each of these pointers points to an array with the ray component data for each ray. This way the individual components of the SOA ray stream do not need to be stored sequentially in memory, which makes it possible to have large varying size ray packets in SOA layout. See Section [rtcOccluded1] for a description of how to set up and trace occlusion rays.

A ray in a ray stream is considered inactive if its tnear value is larger than its tfar value.

The stream size N can be an arbitrary positive integer including 0. Each ray component array must be aligned to 16 bytes.


For performance reasons this function does not do any error checks, thus will not set any error flags on failure.




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