rtcOccluded1.3embree3 - Man Page


rtcOccluded1 - finds any hit for a single ray


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>

void rtcOccluded1(
  RTCScene scene,
  struct RTCIntersectContext* context,
  struct RTCRay* ray


The rtcOccluded1 function checks for a single ray (ray argument) whether there is any hit with the scene (scene argument).

The user must initialize the ray origin (org ray member), ray direction (dir ray member), ray segment (tnear, tfar ray members), and must set the ray flags to 0 (flags ray member). If the scene contains motion blur geometries, also the ray time (time ray member) must be initialized to a value in the range [0, 1]. If ray masks are enabled at compile time, the ray mask (mask ray member) must be initialized as well. The ray segment must be in the range [0, ∞], thus ranges that start behind the ray origin are not valid, but ranges can reach to infinity. See Section [RTCRay] for the ray layout description.

When no intersection is found, the ray data is not updated. In case a hit was found, the tfar component of the ray is set to -inf.

The implementation makes no guarantees that primitives whose hit distance is exactly at (or very close to) tnear or tfar are hit or missed. If you want to exclude intersections at tnear just pass a slightly enlarged tnear, and if you want to include intersections at tfar pass a slightly enlarged tfar.

The ray must be aligned to 16 bytes.


For performance reasons this function does not do any error checks, thus will not set any error flags on failure.


[rtcOccluded1], [RTCRay]


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