rtcInterpolateN.3embree3 - Man Page


rtcInterpolateN - performs N interpolations of vertex attribute data


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>

struct RTCInterpolateNArguments
  RTCGeometry geometry;
  const void* valid;
  const unsigned int* primIDs;
  const float* u;
  const float* v;
  unsigned int N;
  enum RTCBufferType bufferType;
  unsigned int bufferSlot;
  float* P;
  float* dPdu;
  float* dPdv;
  float* ddPdudu;
  float* ddPdvdv;
  float* ddPdudv;
  unsigned int valueCount;

void rtcInterpolateN(
  const struct RTCInterpolateNArguments* args


The rtcInterpolateN is similar to rtcInterpolate, but performs N many interpolations at once. It additionally gets an array of u/v coordinates and a valid mask (valid parameter) that specifies which of these coordinates are valid. The valid mask points to N integers, and a value of -1 denotes valid and 0 invalid. If the valid pointer is NULL all elements are considers valid. The destination arrays are filled in structure of array (SOA) layout. The value N must be divisible by 4.

To use rtcInterpolateN for a geometry, all changes to that geometry must be properly committed using rtcCommitGeometry.


For performance reasons this function does not do any error checks, thus will not set any error flags on failure.




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