rtcInitIntersectContext.3embree3 - Man Page


rtcInitIntersectContext - initializes the intersection context


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>

enum RTCIntersectContextFlags

struct RTCIntersectContext
  enum RTCIntersectContextFlags flags;
  RTCFilterFunctionN filter;
    unsigned int instStackSize;
  unsigned int instID[RTC_MAX_INSTANCE_LEVEL_COUNT];

    float minWidthDistanceFactor;

void rtcInitIntersectContext(
  struct RTCIntersectContext* context


A per ray-query intersection context (RTCIntersectContext type) is supported that can be used to configure intersection flags (flags member), specify a filter callback function (filter member), specify the chain of IDs of the current instance (instID and instStackSize members), and to attach arbitrary data to the query (e.g. per ray data).

The rtcInitIntersectContext function initializes the context to default values and should be called to initialize every intersection context. This function gets inlined, which minimizes overhead and allows for compiler optimizations.

The intersection context flag can be used to tune the behavior of the traversal algorithm. Using the RTC_INTERSECT_CONTEXT_FLAG_INCOHERENT flags uses an optimized traversal algorithm for incoherent rays (default), while RTC_INTERSECT_CONTEXT_FLAG_COHERENT uses an optimized traversal algorithm for coherent rays (e.g. primary camera rays).

Best primary ray performance can be obtained by using the ray stream API and setting the intersect context flag to RTC_INTERSECT_CONTEXT_FLAG_COHERENT. For secondary rays, it is typically better to use the RTC_INTERSECT_CONTEXT_FLAG_INCOHERENT flag, unless the rays are known to be very coherent too (e.g. for primary transparency rays).

A filter function can be specified inside the context. This filter function is invoked as a second filter stage after the per-geometry intersect or occluded filter function is invoked. Only rays that passed the first filter stage are valid in this second filter stage. Having such a per ray-query filter function can be useful to implement modifications of the behavior of the query, such as collecting all hits or accumulating transparencies. The support for the context filter function must be enabled for a scene by using the RTC_SCENE_FLAG_CONTEXT_FILTER_FUNCTION scene flag. In case of instancing this feature has to get enabled also for each instantiated scene.

The minWidthDistanceFactor value controls the target size of the curve radii when the min-width feature is enabled. Please see the [rtcSetGeometryMaxRadiusScale] function for more details on the min-width feature.

It is guaranteed that the pointer to the intersection context passed to a ray query is directly passed to the registered callback functions. This way it is possible to attach arbitrary data to the end of the intersection context, such as a per-ray payload.

Please note that the ray pointer is not guaranteed to be passed to the callback functions, thus reading additional data from the ray pointer passed to callbacks is not possible.


No error code is set by this function.


[rtcIntersect1], [rtcOccluded1]


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