rfio_lockf man page

RFIO_LOCKF(3) Rfio Library Functions RFIO_LOCKF(3)

rfio_lockf - provide record locking on files

[1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
[1m#include "rfio_api.h"[0m

[1mint rfio_lockf (int [4m[22msd[24m[1m, int [4m[22mop[24m[1m, long [4m[22msiz[24m[1m);[0m

Under Linux, for large files:
[1m#define _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE[0m
[1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
[1m#include "rfio_api.h"[0m

[1mint rfio_lockf64 (int [4m[22msd[24m[1m, int [4m[22mop[24m[1m, off64_t [4m[22msiz[24m[1m);[0m

For large files, under other systems:
[1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
[1m#include "rfio_api.h"[0m

[1mint rfio_lockf64 (int [4m[22msd[24m[1m, int [4m[22mop[24m[1m, off64_t [4m[22msiz[24m[1m);[0m

[1mrfio_lockf [22mrestricts access to regions of files to the calling process.

[4msd[24m is the file descriptor returned by a previous [1mrfio_open[22m.

[4mop[24m specifies the action to be taken:

[1mF_ULOCK [22munlock a region.

[1mF_LOCK [22mlock a region.

[1mF_TLOCK [22mtest and lock a region.

[1mF_TEST [22mtest a region for other locks.

[4msiz[24m gives the size of the region to be locked, starting at the current
file offset.

[1mrfio_lockf64 [22mmust be used for large files and uses an off64_t instead
of a long to specify the size of the region to be locked.

This routine returns 0 if the operation was successful or -1 if the
operation failed. In the latter case, [1mserrno [22mis set appropriately.

[1mEBADF [4m[22msd[24m is not a valid descriptor.

[1mEACCES [22mThe file region is locked and F_TEST or F_TLOCK was speci-

[1mEINVAL [22mincorrect value for [4mop[24m or [4msiz[24m.

[1mSENOSHOST [22mHost unknown.

[1mSENOSSERV [22mService unknown.

[1mSETIMEDOUT [22mTimed out.

[1mSECONNDROP [22mConnection closed by remote end.

[1mSECOMERR [22mCommunication error.

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rfio_lockf64(3) is an alias of rfio_lockf(3).