rfio_fwrite man page

RFIO_FWRITE(3) Rfio Library Functions RFIO_FWRITE(3)

rfio_fwrite - writes to a file

[1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
[1m#include "rfio_api.h"[0m

[1mint rfio_fwrite (const void *[4m[22mptr[24m[1m, int [4m[22msize[24m[1m, int [4m[22mitems[24m[1m, FILE *[4m[22mfd[24m[1m);[0m

[1mrfio_fwrite [22mstores in a file the bytes starting at [1mptr [22m, a pointer to
the memory location in which resides the information, [1mitems [22mtimes [1msize[0m
bytes, using the descriptor [1mfd [22mgenerated by a previous [1mrfio_fopen[22m.

This routine returns -1 if the operation failed or the number of items
actually writen. In case of failure, [1mserrno [22mis set appropriately.

[1mEBADF [4m[22mfd[24m is a NULL pointer.

[1mSENOSHOST [22mHost unknown.

[1mSENOSSERV [22mService unknown.

[1mSETIMEDOUT [22mTimed out.

[1mSEBADVERSION [22mVersion ID mismatch.

[1mSECONNDROP [22mConnection closed by remote end.

[1mSECOMERR [22mCommunication error.

[1mSENORCODE [22mHost did not return error number.

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