rfio_fopen man page

RFIO_FOPEN(3)               Rfio Library Functions               RFIO_FOPEN(3)

      rfio_fopen - opens a file

      [1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
      [1m#include "rfio_api.h"[0m

      [1mFILE *rfio_fopen (char *[4m[22mpath[24m[1m, char *[4m[22mmode[24m[1m);[0m

      Under Linux, for large files:
      [1m#define _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE[0m
      [1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
      [1m#include "rfio_api.h"[0m

      [1mFILE *rfio_fopen64 (char *[4m[22mpath[24m[1m, char [4m[22m*mode[24m[1m);[0m

      For large files, under other systems:
      [1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
      [1m#include "rfio_api.h"[0m

      [1mFILE *rfio_fopen64 (char *[4m[22mpath[24m[1m, char [4m[22m*mode[24m[1m);[0m

      [1mrfio_fopen [22mopens the file whose name is the string pointed to by [1mpath [22m,
      a character string containing the  filename  specification,  and  asso-
      ciates a FILE stream with it.

      [1mmode [22mis an access mode indicator. One of the characters "r" or "w".

      [1mrfio_fopen64 [22mallows to open large files (see NOTES).

      This routine returns NULL if the operation failed or a non-NULL pointer
      to a FILE structure if the operation was successful. If it fails,  [1mser-[0m
      [1mrno [22mvariable is set appropriately.

      [1mENOENT       [22mThe named file/directory does not exist or is a null path-

      [1mEACCES       [22mSearch permission is denied on a  component  of  the  [4mpath[0m

      [1mEFAULT       [22mpath is NULL

      [1mENOTDIR      [22mA component of [4mpath[24m prefix is not a directory.

      [1mEINVAL       [22mThe mode provided to local open is invalid (see [1mfopen[22m(3))

      [1mEMFILE       [22mToo many open files

      [1mECONNRESET   [22mConnection reset by peer

      [1mETIMEDOUT    [22mConnection timed out

      [1mECONNREFUSED [22mConnection refused

      [1mEHOSTUNREACH [22mNo route to host

      [1mSENOSHOST    [22mHost unknown.

      [1mSENOSSERV    [22mService unknown.

      [1mSEBADVERSION [22mVersion ID mismatch

      [1mSECOMERR     [22mCommunication error.

      [1mSERTYEXHAUST [22mRetry count exhausted

      [1mSENORCODE    [22mHost did not return error number

                   Host is not on local network and no mapping found

      On  Irix, Tru64 and IA64 the 64 bit mode is the default one, rfio_fopen
      and rfio_fopen64 are identical.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mfopen(3)[22m, [1mrfio_serror(3)[22m, [1mrfio_perror(3)[22m, [1mserrno(3)[0m

      [1mLCG Grid Deployment [22mTeam

LCG                      $Date: 2005/03/31 13:13:02 $            RFIO_FOPEN(3)

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rfio_fopen64(3) is an alias of rfio_fopen(3).