remctl_set_timeout - Man Page

Set timeout for subsequent remctl client operations


#include <remctl.h>

int remctl_set_timeout(struct remctl *r, time_t timeout);


remctl_set_timeout() sets the timeout for connections and commands to timeout, which should be an integer number of seconds.  timeout may be 0 to clear a timeout that was previously set and restore the default behavior of having no timeout.  All subsequent operations on the given struct remctl argument will be subject to this timeout, including remctl_open() if called prior to calling remctl_open().

The timeout is a timeout on network activity from the server, not on a complete operation.  So, for example, a timeout of ten seconds just requires that the server send some data every ten seconds.  If the server sends only tiny amounts of data at a time, the complete operation could take much longer than ten seconds without triggering the timeout.

Return Value

remctl_set_timeout() returns true on success and false on failure.  The only failure case is if timeout is negative.  On failure, the caller should call remctl_error() to retrieve the error message.


This interface was added in version 3.1.


Russ Allbery <>

See Also

remctl_new(3), remctl_command(3), remctl_open(3), remctl_output(3), remctl_error(3)

The current version of the remctl library and complete details of the remctl protocol are available from its web page at <>.

Referenced By

remctl_command(3), remctl_open(3).

2022-05-09 3.18 remctl Library Reference