remctl_set_source_ip - Man Page

Set source IP for remctl client connections


#include <remctl.h>

int remctl_set_source_ip(struct remctl *r, const char *source);


remctl_set_source_ip() sets the source IP address for subsequent calls to remctl_open() on the same struct remctl object.  Call this function before remctl_open() if remctl client connections need to come from a specific source IP.

The source parameter may be an IPv4 or IPv6 address (assuming the host supports IPv6).

Be aware that if you set an IPv4 source address and then attempt to connect to an IPv6 address or IPv6-only host, or if you set an IPv6 address and then attempt to connect to an IPv4 address or IPv4-only host, you will get a connection failure error from remctl_open().

Return Value

remctl_set_source_ip() returns true on success and false on failure.  On failure, the caller should call remctl_error() to retrieve the error message.


This interface was added in version 3.0.


Russ Allbery <>

See Also

remctl_new(3), remctl_open(3), remctl_error(3)

The current version of the remctl library and complete details of the remctl protocol are available from its web page at <>.

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