remctl_new - Man Page

Create a new remctl client


#include <remctl.h>

struct remctl *remctl_new(void);


remctl_new() creates a new remctl client.  The resulting remctl struct is opaque from the perspective of the caller, but should be the first argument to all subsequent calls into the remctl API.  Normally, the next call after remctl_new() would be remctl_open() to connect to a remote server.

The resulting struct should be freed by calling remctl_close().

Return Value

remctl_new() returns a pointer to an opaque remctl struct on success and NULL on failure.  If it returns NULL, errno will be set to an appropriate error code (normally ENOMEM).


This interface has been provided by the remctl client library since its initial release in version 2.0.


Russ Allbery <>

See Also

remctl_open(3), remctl_command(3), remctl_commandv(3), remctl_output(3), remctl_close(3)

The current version of the remctl library and complete details of the remctl protocol are available from its web page at <>.

Referenced By

remctl(3), remctl_close(3), remctl_command(3), remctl_error(3), remctl_noop(3), remctl_open(3), remctl_output(3), remctl_set_ccache(3), remctl_set_source_ip(3), remctl_set_timeout(3).

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