rbptree.h.3coin4 - Man Page



#include <Inventor/C/basic.h>
#include <stdarg.h>


struct cc_rbptree


typedef struct cc_rbptree_node cc_rbptree_node
typedef struct cc_rbptree cc_rbptree
typedef void cc_rbptree_traversecb(void *p, void *data, void *closure)


void cc_rbptree_init (cc_rbptree *t)
void cc_rbptree_clean (cc_rbptree *t)
void cc_rbptree_insert (cc_rbptree *t, void *p, void *data)
SbBool cc_rbptree_remove (cc_rbptree *t, void *p)
uint32_t cc_rbptree_size (const cc_rbptree *t)
void cc_rbptree_traverse (const cc_rbptree *t, cc_rbptree_traversecb *func, void *closure)
void cc_rbptree_debug (const cc_rbptree *t)

Typedef Documentation

struct cc_rbptree_node cc_rbptree_node

The type definition for the rbptree node structure.

struct cc_rbptree cc_rbptree

The type definition for the whole rbptree structure.

void cc_rbptree_traversecb

The type definition for a tree traversal callback function.

Function Documentation

void cc_rbptree_init (cc_rbptree * t)

Initialize t. This is needed before making any operations on the tree.

void cc_rbptree_clean (cc_rbptree * t)

Delete all nodes in t. After this call, the tree will be reinitialized to an empty tree.

void cc_rbptree_insert (cc_rbptree * t, void * p, void * data)

Insert a new value p into t.

SbBool cc_rbptree_remove (cc_rbptree * t, void * p)

Remove the (first) node with value p. Returns TRUE if p is found and removed, FALSE otherwise.

uint32_t cc_rbptree_size (const cc_rbptree * t)

Returns the total numbers of items in the tree

void cc_rbptree_traverse (const cc_rbptree * t, cc_rbptree_traversecb * func, void * closure)

Traverse the tree t

void cc_rbptree_debug (const cc_rbptree * t)

for debugging only. Prints the tree to stdout.


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