rangecheck - Man Page

pointer range checking


#include <rangecheck.h>

int range_validbuf(const void* buf,size_t len);

int range_ptrinbuf(const void* buf,size_t len,const void* ptr);

int range_bufinbuf(const void* buf1,size_t len1,
                  const void* buf2,size_t len2);

int range_arrayinbuf(const void* buf,size_t len,
                    const void* arraystart,
                    size_t elements,size_t membersize);

int range_strinbuf(const void* buf,size_t len,const void* string);

int range_str2inbuf(const void* buf,size_t len,const void* string);

int range_str4inbuf(const void* buf,size_t len,const void* string);


rangecheck.h provides several routines for range checking pointers. These routines are meant for code that has to validate the syntax and semantics of buffers coming in from untrusted sources (like a network connection or an input file).

Return Value

The routines all return 0 on error, or 1 if the pointers were in range.

See Also

range_validbuf(3), range_ptrinbuf(3), range_bufinbuf(3), range_arrayinbuf(3), range_strinbuf(3), range_str2inbuf(3), range_str4inbuf(3)

Referenced By

range_arrayinbuf(3), range_bufinbuf(3), range_ptrinbuf(3), range_str2inbuf(3), range_str4inbuf(3), range_strinbuf(3), range_validbuf(3).