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QWSWindow — Server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded


#include <qwindowsystem_qws.h>

Public Members

QWSWindow ( int i, QWSClient * client )
~QWSWindow ()
int winId () const
const QString & name () const
const QString & caption () const
QWSClient * client () const
QRegion requested () const
QRegion allocation () const
bool isVisible () const
bool isPartiallyObscured () const
bool isFullyObscured () const
void raise ()
void lower ()
void show ()
void hide ()
void setActiveWindow ()


The QWSWindow class provides server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded.

When you run a Qt/Embedded application, it either runs as a server or connects to an existing server. If it runs as a server, some additional functionality is provided by the QWSServer class.

This class maintains information about each window and allows operations to be performed on the windows.

You can get the window's name(), caption() and winId(), along with the client() that owns the window.

The region the window wants to draw on is returned by requested(); the region that the window is allowed to draw on is returned by allocation().

The visibility of the window can be determined using isVisible(), isPartiallyObscured() and isFullyObscured(). Visibility can be changed using raise(), lower(), show(), hide() and setActiveWindow().

See also Qt/Embedded.

Member Function Documentation

QWSWindow::QWSWindow ( int i, QWSClient * client )

Constructs a new top-level window, associated with the client client and giving it the id i.

QWSWindow::~QWSWindow ()


QRegion QWSWindow::allocation () const

Returns the region that the window is allowed to draw onto, including any window decorations but excluding regions covered by other windows.

See also requested().

const QString & QWSWindow::caption () const

Returns the window's caption.

QWSClient * QWSWindow::client () const

Returns the QWSClient that owns this window.

void QWSWindow::hide ()

Hides the window.

bool QWSWindow::isFullyObscured () const

Returns TRUE if the window is completely obsured by another window or by the bounds of the screen; otherwise returns FALSE.

bool QWSWindow::isPartiallyObscured () const

Returns TRUE if the window is partially obsured by another window or by the bounds of the screen; otherwise returns FALSE.

bool QWSWindow::isVisible () const

Returns TRUE if the window is visible; otherwise returns FALSE.

void QWSWindow::lower ()

Lowers the window below other windows.

const QString & QWSWindow::name () const

Returns the window's name.

void QWSWindow::raise ()

Raises the window above all other windows except "Stay on top" windows.

QRegion QWSWindow::requested () const

Returns the region that the window has requested to draw onto, including any window decorations.

See also allocation().

void QWSWindow::setActiveWindow ()

Make this the active window (i.e. sets the keyboard focus to this window).

void QWSWindow::show ()

Shows the window.

int QWSWindow::winId () const

Returns the window's Id.

See Also

http://doc.trolltech.com/qwswindow.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html


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