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Abstract base for custom QTextCodec plugins


All the functions in this class are reentrant when Qt is built with thread support.</p>

#include <qtextcodecplugin.h>

Public Members

QTextCodecPlugin ()
~QTextCodecPlugin ()
virtual QStringList names () const = 0
virtual QTextCodec * createForName ( const QString & name ) = 0
virtual QValueList<int> mibEnums () const = 0
virtual QTextCodec * createForMib ( int mib ) = 0


The QTextCodecPlugin class provides an abstract base for custom QTextCodec plugins.

The text codec plugin is a simple plugin interface that makes it easy to create custom text codecs that can be loaded dynamically into applications.

Writing a text codec plugin is achieved by subclassing this base class, reimplementing the pure virtual functions names(), createForName(), mibEnums() and createForMib(), and exporting the class with the Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN macro. See the Qt Plugins documentation for details.

See the IANA character-sets encoding file for more information on mime names and mib enums.

See also Plugins.

Member Function Documentation

QTextCodecPlugin::QTextCodecPlugin ()

Constructs a text codec plugin. This is invoked automatically by the Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN macro.

QTextCodecPlugin::~QTextCodecPlugin ()

Destroys the text codec plugin.

You never have to call this explicitly. Qt destroys a plugin automatically when it is no longer used.

QTextCodec * QTextCodecPlugin::createForMib ( int mib ) [pure virtual]

Creates a QTextCodec object for the mib enum mib.

(See the IANA character-sets encoding file for more information)

See also mibEnums().

QTextCodec * QTextCodecPlugin::createForName ( const QString & name ) [pure virtual]

Creates a QTextCodec object for the codec called name.

See also names().

QValueList<int> QTextCodecPlugin::mibEnums () const [pure virtual]

Returns the list of mib enums supported by this plugin.

See also createForMib().

QStringList QTextCodecPlugin::names () const [pure virtual]

Returns the list of mime names supported by this plugin.

See also createForName().

See Also

http://doc.trolltech.com/qtextcodecplugin.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html


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