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Namespace for Qt SQL identifiers that need to be global-like


#include <qsql.h>

Public Members

QSql ()
enum Op { None = -1, Insert = 0, Update = 1, Delete = 2 }
enum Location { BeforeFirst = -1, AfterLast = -2 }
enum Confirm { Cancel = -1, No = 0, Yes = 1 }
enum ParameterType { In = 1, Out = 2, InOut = 3 }
enum TableType { Tables = 0x01, SystemTables = 0x02, Views = 0x04, AllTables = 0xff }


The QSql class is a namespace for Qt SQL identifiers that need to be global-like.

Normally, you can ignore this class. Several Qt SQL classes inherit it, so all the identifiers in the Qt SQL namespace are visible without qualification.

See also Database Classes.

Member Type Documentation


This enum type describes edit confirmations.





This enum type describes SQL navigation locations.




This enum type describes edit operations.






This enum is used to set the type of a bind parameter

QSql::In - the bind parameter is used to put data into the database

QSql::Out - the bind parameter is used to receive data from the database

QSql::InOut - the bind parameter is used to put data into the database; it will be overwritten with output data on executing a query.


This enum type describes types of tables

QSql::Tables - All the tables visible to the user

QSql::SystemTables - Internal tables used by the DBMS

QSql::Views - All the views visible to the user

QSql::AllTables - All of the above

Member Function Documentation

QSql::QSql ()

Constructs a Qt SQL namespace class

See Also

http://doc.trolltech.com/qsql.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html


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