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Mac/Platinum look and feel


#include <qplatinumstyle.h>

Inherits QWindowsStyle.

Public Members

QPlatinumStyle ()

Protected Members

QColor mixedColor ( const QColor & c1, const QColor & c2 ) const
void drawRiffles ( QPainter * p, int x, int y, int w, int h, const QColorGroup & g, bool horizontal ) const


The QPlatinumStyle class provides Mac/Platinum look and feel.

This class implements the Platinum look and feel. It's an experimental class that tries to resemble a Macinosh-like GUI style with the QStyle system. The emulation is currently far from perfect.

See also QAquaStyle and Widget Appearance and Style.

Member Function Documentation

QPlatinumStyle::QPlatinumStyle ()

Constructs a QPlatinumStyle

void QPlatinumStyle::drawRiffles ( QPainter * p, int x, int y, int w, int h, const QColorGroup & g, bool horizontal ) const [protected]

Draws the nifty Macintosh decoration used on sliders using painter p and colorgroup g. x, y, w, h and horizontal specify the geometry and orientation of the riffles.

QColor QPlatinumStyle::mixedColor ( const QColor & c1, const QColor & c2 ) const [protected]

Mixes two colors c1 and c2 to a new color.

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http://doc.trolltech.com/qplatinumstyle.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html


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