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Implements font management in Qt/Embedded


#include <qfontmanager_qws.h>

Public Members

QFontManager ()
~QFontManager ()
QDiskFont * get ( const QFontDef & f )

Static Public Members

void initialize ()
void cleanup ()


The QFontManager class implements font management in Qt/Embedded.

There is one and only one QFontManager per Qt/Embedded application. The qt_fontmanager global variable points to it. It keeps a list of font factories, a cache of rendered fonts and a list of fonts available on disk. QFontManager is called when a new font needs to be rendered from a Freetype-compatible or BDF font on disk; this only happens if there isn't an appropriate QPF font already available.

See also Qt/Embedded.

Member Function Documentation

QFontManager::QFontManager ()

Creates a font manager. This method reads in the font definition file from INSTALL/lib/fonts/fontdir, where INSTALL is the directory where Qt/Embedded was installed, and creates a list of QDiskFonts to hold the information in the file. It also constructs any defined font factories.

QFontManager::~QFontManager ()

Destroys the QFontManager and sets qt_fontmanager to 0.

void QFontManager::cleanup () [static]

Destroys the font manager

QDiskFont * QFontManager::get ( const QFontDef & f )

Returns the QDiskFont that best matches f, based on family, weight, italicity and font size.

void QFontManager::initialize () [static]

Creates a new QFontManager and points qt_fontmanager to it

See Also

http://doc.trolltech.com/qfontmanager.html http://www.trolltech.com/faq/tech.html


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