qb_rb_chunk_read - Man Page

Read the oldest chunk into data_out.


#include <qb/qbrb.h>

ssize_t qb_rb_chunk_read(
    qb_ringbuffer_t   *rb, /* ringbuffer instance */
    void              *data_out,       /* (in/out) the chunk will be memcpy'ed into this. */
    size_t             len,  /* (in) the size of data_out. */
    int32_t            ms_timeout         /* the amount od time to wait for new data. */


rb         ringbuffer instance

data_out   (in/out) the chunk will be memcpy'ed into this.

len        (in) the size of data_out.

ms_timeout the amount od time to wait for new data.


This is the same as qb_rb_chunk_peek() memcpy() and qb_rb_chunk_reclaim().

Return Value

the size of the chunk, or error.

See Also

qb_rb_close(3), qb_rb_refcount_get(3), qb_rb_chmod(3), qb_rb_chown(3), qb_rb_open(3), qb_rb_write_to_file(3), qb_rb_create_from_file(3), qb_rb_chunks_used(3), qb_rb_chunk_reclaim(3), qb_rb_space_used(3), qb_rb_chunk_write(3), qb_rb_shared_user_data_get(3), qb_rb_chunk_commit(3), qb_rb_chunk_peek(3), qb_rb_space_free(3), qb_rb_name_get(3), qb_rb_chunk_alloc(3),

Referenced By

qb_rb_chmod(3), qb_rb_chown(3), qb_rb_chunk_alloc(3), qb_rb_chunk_commit(3), qb_rb_chunk_peek(3), qb_rb_chunk_reclaim(3), qb_rb_chunks_used(3), qb_rb_chunk_write(3), qb_rb_close(3), qb_rb_create_from_file(3), qbrb.h(3), qb_rb_name_get(3), qb_rb_open(3), qb_rb_refcount_get(3), qb_rb_shared_user_data_get(3), qb_rb_space_free(3), qb_rb_space_used(3), qb_rb_write_to_file(3).

2022-03-23 libqb Programmer's Manual