qb_list_splice_tail - Man Page

Join two lists, each list being a queue.


#include <qb/qblist.h>

static void qb_list_splice_tail(
    struct qb_list_head   *list,   /* the new list to add. */
    struct qb_list_head   *head   /* the place to add it in the first list. */


list the new list to add.

head the place to add it in the first list.



struct qb_list_head {

    struct   next;

    struct   prev;

See Also

qb_list_empty(3), qb_list_add_tail(3), qb_list_add(3), qb_list_length(3), qb_list_replace(3), qb_list_init(3), qb_list_splice(3), qb_list_is_last(3), qb_list_del(3)

Referenced By

qb_list_add(3), qb_list_add_tail(3), qb_list_del(3), qb_list_empty(3), qblist.h(3), qb_list_init(3), qb_list_is_last(3), qb_list_length(3), qb_list_replace(3), qb_list_splice(3).

2022-03-23 libqb Programmer's Manual