qb_array_index - Man Page

Get an element at a particular index.


#include <qb/qbarray.h>

int32_t qb_array_index(
    qb_array_t   *a, /* array instance */
    int32_t       idx,  /* the index, valid in [0, */
    void        **element_out          /* the pointer to the element data */


a           array instance

idx         the index, valid in [0,

element_out the pointer to the element data


Return Value

(0 == success, else -errno)

See Also

qb_array_elems_per_bin_get(3), qb_array_new_bin_cb_set(3), qb_array_create(3), qb_array_grow(3), qb_array_num_bins_get(3), qb_array_create_2(3), qb_array_free(3)

Referenced By

qb_array_create(3), qb_array_create_2(3), qb_array_elems_per_bin_get(3), qb_array_free(3), qb_array_grow(3), qbarray.h(3), qb_array_new_bin_cb_set(3), qb_array_num_bins_get(3).

2022-03-23 libqb Programmer's Manual