pt_iscache_set_limit - Man Page

set the mapped image section cache limit


#include <intel-pt.h>

int pt_iscache_set_limit(struct pt_image_section_cache *iscache,

                         uint64_t limit);

Link with -lipt.


pt_iscache_set_limit() sets the mapped image section cache limit. The iscache argument points to the pt_image_section_cache object. The limit argument gives the limit in bytes.

The image section cache will spend at most limit bytes to keep image sections mapped as opposed to mapping and unmapping them when reading from them. This includes the memory for any caches associated with the mapped section.

A limit of zero disables caching and clears the cache.

Return Value

pt_iscache_set_limit() returns zero on success or a negative pt_error_code enumeration constant in case of an error.



The iscache argument is NULL.

See Also

pt_iscache_alloc(3), pt_iscache_free(3), pt_iscache_read(3)