pt_iscache_read - Man Page

read memory from a cached file section


#include <intel-pt.h>

int pt_iscache_read(struct pt_image_section_cache *iscache,

                    uint8_t *buffer, uint64_t size, int isid,

                    uint64_t vaddr);

Link with -lipt.


pt_iscache_read() reads memory from a cached file section. The file section must have previously been added by a call to pt_iscache_add(3). The iscache argument points to the pt_image_section_cache object. It must be the same that was used in the corresponding pt_iscache_add(3) call. The buffer argument must point to a memory buffer of at least size bytes. The isid argument identifies the file section from which memory is read. It must be the same identifier that was returned from the corresponding pt_iscache_add(3) call that added the file section to the cache. The vaddr argument gives the virtual address from which size bytes of memory shall be read.

On success, pt_iscache_read() copies at most size bytes of memory from the cached file section identified by isid in iscache starting at virtual address vaddr into buffer and returns the number of bytes that were copied.

Multiple calls to pt_iscache_read() may be necessary if size is bigger than 4Kbyte or if the read crosses a section boundary.

Return Value

pt_iscache_read() returns the number of bytes that were read on success or a negative pt_error_code enumeration constant in case of an error.



The iscache or buffer argument is NULL or the size argument is zero.


The iscache does not contain a section identified by isid.


The vaddr argument lies outside of the virtual address range of the cached section.

See Also

pt_iscache_alloc(3), pt_iscache_free(3), pt_iscache_add(3)

Referenced By

pt_iscache_add_file(3), pt_iscache_set_limit(3).