pt_enc_get_config - Man Page

get an Intel(R) Processor Trace encoder/decoder’s configuration


#include <intel-pt.h>

const struct pt_config *

pt_enc_get_config(const struct pt_encoder *encoder);

const struct pt_config *

pt_pkt_get_config(const struct pt_packet_decoder *decoder);

const struct pt_config *

pt_qry_get_config(const struct pt_query_decoder *decoder);

const struct pt_config *

pt_insn_get_config(const struct pt_insn_decoder *decoder);

const struct pt_config *

pt_blk_get_config(const struct pt_block_decoder *decoder);

Link with -lipt.


These functions return a pointer to their argument’s configuration. The returned configuration object must not be freed. It is valid as long as their argument is not freed.

Return Value

These functions returns a pointer to a pt_config object. The returned pointer is NULL if their argument is NULL.

See Also

pt_config(3), pt_alloc_encoder(3), pt_pkt_alloc_decoder(3), pt_qry_alloc_decoder(3), pt_insn_alloc_decoder(3), pt_blk_alloc_decoder(3)

Referenced By

pt_alloc_encoder(3), pt_blk_alloc_decoder(3), pt_blk_get_offset(3), pt_blk_sync_forward(3), pt_insn_alloc_decoder(3), pt_insn_get_offset(3), pt_insn_sync_forward(3), pt_pkt_alloc_decoder(3), pt_pkt_sync_forward(3), pt_qry_alloc_decoder(3), pt_qry_get_offset(3), pt_qry_sync_forward(3).

The man pages pt_blk_get_config(3), pt_insn_get_config(3), pt_pkt_get_config(3) and pt_qry_get_config(3) are aliases of pt_enc_get_config(3).