pskc_set_key_data_timedrift - Man Page

API function


#include <pskc.h>

void pskc_set_key_data_timedrift(pskc_key_t * key, uint32_t timedrift);


pskc_key_t * key

a pskc_key_t handle, from pskc_get_keypackage().

uint32_t timedrift

the time drift value to set.


Set the PSKC KeyPackage Key Data TimeDrift value.  This element contains the device clock drift value for time-based OTP algorithms.  The integer value (positive or negative drift) that indicates the number of time intervals that a validation server has established the device clock drifted after the last successful authentication.  So, for example, if the last successful authentication established a device time value of 8 intervals from a specific start date but the validation server determines the time value at 9 intervals, the server SHOULD record the drift as -1.



Reporting Bugs

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2.6.7 libpskc