pmix_put man page

PMIx_Put — Push a value into the client's namespace


#include <pmix.h>

pmix\_status\_t PMIx\_Init(pmix\_scope\_t scope, const char key[], pmix\_value\_t *val);


scope : Defines a scope for data "put" by PMI per the following:


PMI_LOCAL - the data is intended only for other application processes on the same node. Data marked in this way will not be included in data packages sent to remote requestors


PMI_REMOTE - the data is intended solely for application processes on remote nodes. Data marked in this way will not be shared with other processes on the same node


PMI_GLOBAL - the data is to be shared with all other requesting processes, regardless of location

key : String key identifying the information. This can be either one of the PMIx defined attributes, or a user-defined value

val : Pointer to a pmix_value_t structure containing the data to be pushed along with the type of the provided data.


Push a value into the client's namespace. The client library will cache the information locally until PMIx_Commit is called. The provided scope value is passed to the local PMIx server, which will distribute the data as directed.

Return Value

Returns PMIX_SUCCESS on success. On error, a negative value corresponding to a PMIx errno is returned.


PMIx errno values are defined in pmix_common.h.


See 'pmix_common.h' for definition of the pmix_value_t structure.

See Also

PMIx_Constants(7), PMIx_Structures(7)




2016-03-01 PMIx Programmer's Manual @VERSION@