pmiUnits - Man Page

construct core metric data structures

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>
#include <pcp/import.h>

pmID pmiID(int domain, int cluster, int item);
pmInDom pmiInDom(int domain, int serial);
pmUnits pmiUnits(int dimSpace, int dimTime, int dimCount, int scaleSpace, int scaleTime, int scaleCount);

cc ... -lpcp_import -lpcp


use PCP::LogImport;

$pmid = pmiID($domain, $cluster, $item);
$indom = pmiInDom($domain, $serial);
$units = pmiUnits($dimSpace, $dimTime, $dimCount, $scaleSpace, $scaleTime, $scaleCount);


As part of the Performance Co-Pilot Log Import API (see LOGIMPORT(3)), these routines provide convenience methods (especially for script use) for constructing pmID, pmInDom and pmUnits structures respectively, to be used in subsequent calls to pmiAddMetric(3) and pmiAddInstance(3).

Refer to pmLookupDesc(3) for a complete description of the values and semantics of the components of a pmUnits structure, and hence the valid argument values for pmiUnits.

See Also

LOGIMPORT(3), pmiAddMetric(3), pmiAddInstance(3) and pmLookupDesc(3).

Referenced By


The man pages pmiID(3) and pmiInDom(3) are aliases of pmiUnits(3).

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