pmiEnd - Man Page

finish up a LOGIMPORT archive

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>
#include <pcp/import.h>

int pmiEnd(void);

cc ... -lpcp_import -lpcp


use PCP::LogImport;



As part of the Performance Co-Pilot Log Import API (see LOGIMPORT(3)), pmiEnd closes the current context, forcing the trailer records to be written to the PCP archive files, and then these files are closed.

In normal operations, an application would include a call to pmiEnd at the end of processing for each context created with a call to pmiStart(3).


pmiEnd returns zero on success else a negative value that can be turned into an error message by calling pmiErrStr(3).

See Also

LOGIMPORT(3) and pmiStart(3).

Referenced By

LOGIMPORT(3), pmiStart(3).

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