pmempool_sync - Man Page

pool set synchronization and transformation


#include <libpmempool.h>

int pmempool_sync(const char *poolset_file, unsigned flags); (EXPERIMENTAL)
int pmempool_transform(const char *poolset_file_src,
    const char *poolset_file_dst, unsigned flags); (EXPERIMENTAL)


The pmempool_sync() function synchronizes data between replicas within a pool set.

pmempool_sync() accepts two arguments:

The following flags are available:

pmempool_sync() checks that the metadata of all replicas in a pool set is consistent, i.e. all parts are healthy, and if any of them is not, the corrupted or missing parts are recreated and filled with data from one of the healthy replicas.

If a pool set has the option SINGLEHDR (see poolset(5)), the internal metadata of each replica is limited to the beginning of the first part in the replica. If the option NOHDRS is used, replicas contain no internal metadata. In both cases, only the missing parts or the ones which cannot be opened are recreated with the pmempool_sync() function.

pmempool_transform() modifies the internal structure of a pool set. It supports the following operations:

Only one of the above operations can be performed at a time.

pmempool_transform() accepts three arguments:

The following flags are available:

Return Value

pmempool_sync() and pmempool_transform() return 0 on success. Otherwise, they return -1 and set errno appropriately.


EINVAL Invalid format of the input/output pool set file.

EINVAL Unsupported flags value.

EINVAL There is only master replica defined in the input pool set passed to pmempool_sync().

EINVAL The source pool set passed to pmempool_transform() is not a libpmemobj pool.

EINVAL The input and output pool sets passed to pmempool_transform() are identical.

EINVAL Attempt to perform more than one transform operation at a time.


The pmempool_sync() API is experimental and it may change in future versions of the library.

The pmempool_transform() API is experimental and it may change in future versions of the library.

See Also

libpmemobj(7) and <>

Referenced By

libpmempool(7), pmempool_check_init(3).

The man page pmempool_transform(3) is an alias of pmempool_sync(3).

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