pmem2_source_from_anon - Man Page

creates data source backed by anonymous memory pages


#include <libpmem2.h>

int pmem2_source_from_anon(struct pmem2_source **src, size_t size);


The pmem2_source_from_anon() function instantiates a new struct pmem2_source object describing an anonymous data source. Mappings created using this function are not backed by any file and are zero-initialized.

The size argument for the function defines the length in bytes of the anonymous source, as returned by pmem2_source_size(3). The application should set this value so that it's greater than or equal to the size of any mapping created with the anonymous source.

The offset value for mapping is ignored.

Return Value

The pmem2_source_from_anon() function returns 0 on success or a negative error code on failure.


The pmem2_source_form_anon() can fail with the following errors:

See Also

errno(3), pmem2_config_set_length(3), pmem2_map_new(3), pmem2_source_size(3), pmem2_config_set_length(3), libpmem2(7) and <>

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