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pmem2_source_alignment - Man Page

returns data source alignment


#include <libpmem2.h>

struct pmem2_source;
int pmem2_source_alignment(const struct pmem2_source *source, size_t *alignment);


The pmem2_source_alignment() function retrieves the alignment of offset and length needed for pmem2_map_new(3) to succeed. The alignment is stored in *alignment.

Return Value

The pmem2_source_alignment() function returns 0 on success. If the function fails, the *alignment variable is left unmodified and a negative error code is returned.


The pmem2_source_alignment() can fail with the following errors:

See Also

errno(3), fstat(2), realpath(3), read(2), strtoull(3), pmem2_config_new(3), pmem2_source_from_fd(3), libpmem2(7) and <https://pmem.io>

Referenced By

pmem2_config_set_length(3), pmem2_config_set_offset(3), pmem2_map_new(3).

2024-01-25 PMDK - PMDK Programmer's Manual