pmdaProfile man page

pmdaProfile ā€” update instance profile for PMDA in preparation for the next fetch from PMCD

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>
#include <pcp/pmda.h>

int pmdaProfile(pmProfile *prof, pmdaExt *pmda);

cc ... -lpcp_pmda -lpcp


As part of the Performance Metrics Domain Agent (PMDA) API (see PMDA(3)), pmdaProfile is the default callback which handles the receipt of a pmProfile from pmcd(1). A profile describes the instances that pmcd requires in the pmResult structure returned by the next fetch. pmdaProfile simply stores the new profile.


The PMDA must be using PMDA_PROTOCOL_2 or later, as specified in the call to pmdaDSO(3) or pmdaDaemon(3).

See Also

PMAPI(3), PMDA(3), pmdaDaemon(3), pmdaDSO(3) and pmdaFetch(3).

Referenced By

PMDA(3), pmdaDaemon(3), pmdaDSO(3), pmdaFetch(3), pmdaGetContext(3).

The man page pmdaprofile(3) is an alias of pmdaProfile(3).

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