pmWhichContext - Man Page

identify the current PMAPI context

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

int pmWhichContext(void);

cc ... -lpcp


An application using the Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface (PMAPI) may manipulate several concurrent contexts, each associated with a source of performance metrics, e.g. pmcd(1) on some host, or an archive log of performance metrics as created by pmlogger(1).

pmWhichContext returns a handle for the current PMAPI context, that may be used in the associated PMAPI routines that require a handle to identify a PMAPI context.

See Also

PMAPI(3), pmDestroyContext(3), pmDupContext(3), pmNewContext(3) and pmUseContext(3).



no current context

Referenced By

pmAddProfile(3), PMAPI(3), pmDelProfile(3), pmDestroyContext(3), pmFetch(3), pmNewContext(3), pmUseContext(3).

The man page pmwhichcontext(3) is an alias of pmWhichContext(3).

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