pmUnloadNameSpace - Man Page

unload a local performance metrics name space for an application

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

void pmUnloadNameSpace(void);

cc ... -lpcp


If one has previously loaded a local Name Space using pmLoadNameSpace(3) or pmLoadASCIINameSpace(3), then calling pmUnloadNameSpace(3) will free up the memory associated with the Name Space and force all subsequent PMNS routine calls to use the distributed PMNS. If pmUnloadNameSpace(3) is called before calling pmLoadNameSpace(3) or pmLoadASCIINameSpace(3), then it will effectively do nothing.

See Also

PMAPI(3), pmLoadASCIINameSpace(3), pmLoadNameSpace(3) and PMNS(5).

Referenced By

The man page pmunloadnamespace(3) is an alias of pmUnloadNameSpace(3).

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