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pmTrimNameSpace - Man Page

prune a performance metrics name space

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

int pmTrimNameSpace(void);

cc ... -lpcp


In some (rare) cases it is helpful to prune the Performance Metrics Name Space (PMNS) to match the available metrics.

The default PMNS that is accessible to a Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface (PMAPI) client is provided by the current PMAPI context:

If the default PMNS is in effect then calling pmTrimNameSpace is a no-op and returns zero with no change to the PMNS.

PMAPI clients also have the option of over-riding the default PMNS by loading a local PMNS from a file (see PMNS(5) for the format) by calling pmLoadASCIINameSpace(3) or pmLoadNameSpace(3) and this is when some PMNS pruning may be useful.

If a local PMNS is in effect when pmTrimNameSpace is called then the first action is to restore the PMNS to the state as of the completion of the last pmLoadASCIINameSpace(3) or pmLoadNameSpace(3), so that the effects of consecutive calls to pmTrimNameSpace are not additive.

The subsequent actions of pmTrimNameSpace depend on the type of the current PMAPI context.

On success, pmTrimNameSpace returns zero.



there has been some earlier problem with establishing the relevant PMNS


the current PMAPI context is invalid

See Also

pmlogger(1), PMAPI(3), pmLoadASCIINameSpace(3), pmLoadNameSpace(3), pmNewContext(3) and PMNS(5).

Referenced By

pmFetchArchive(3), pmGetPMNSLocation(3), pmLoadASCIINameSpace(3), pmLoadNameSpace(3).

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