pmSearchTextQuery - Man Page

fulltext search for metrics, instances and instance domains provided by PCP search services

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmwebapi.h>

int pmSearchTextQuery(pmSearchSettings *settings, pmSearchTextRequest *request, void *arg)

cc ... -lpcp_web


Executes fulltext search in name, oneline help, helptext (when available) as specified by request:


Query string that will be used to search.


Limits number of results. Defaults to 10.


Search offset. Defaults to 0.

type_metric,  type_indom,  type_inst

Bit flags that limit query to only take into the account specific type of entities. Defaults to all.

highlight_name,  highlight_oneline,  highlight_helptext

Bit flags that specify whether or not to highlight matched terms in results. Defaults to none. Highlighted terms are wrapped with `<b>' and `</b>'.

infields_name,  infields_oneline,  infields_helptext

Bit flags that allow limiting fulltext search query matching only to specified fields. Defaults to all.

return_name,  return_indom,  return_oneline,  return_helptext,  return_type

Bit flags for omitting specific fields from result. Defaults to all. Fields may be omitted either way if value of a field doesn't exist for a given record.

Each entity matched by the request above will be passed to on_text_result callback provided by settings.


This function always returns zero on success. On failure a negative PMAPI error code is returned.

See Also

pmproxy(1), pmlogger(1), pmsearch(1), redis-server(1), pmSearchSetup(3), PMAPI(3) and PMWEBAPI(3).

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