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pmNameInDom - Man Page

translate an instance identifier into an instance name

C Synopsis

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

int pmNameInDom(pmInDom indom, int inst, char **name);

cc ... -lpcp


For the instance domain indom, in the current Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface (PMAPI) context, locate the instance with the internal instance identifier given by inst, and return the full external instance identification via name.

The value for the instance domain indom is typically extracted from a pmDesc structure, following a call to pmLookupDesc(3) for a particular performance metric.

The space for the value of name will have been allocated in pmNameInDom with malloc(3), and it is the responsibility of the caller to free(3) the space when it is no longer required.

pmNameInDom returns zero on success.



indom is not a valid instance domain identifier


The instance identifier inst is not known for the instance domain indom in the current PMAPI context

See Also

PMAPI(3), pmGetConfig(3), pmGetInDom(3), pmLookupInDom(3), pmNameInDomArchive(3), pcp.conf(5) and pcp.env(5).

Referenced By

PCPIntro(3), PMAPI(3), pmCreateFetchGroup(3), pmGetInDom(3), pmLookupInDom(3), pmNameInDomArchive(3), pmSetMode(3).

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