plscmap1_range.3plplot man page

plscmap1_range — Set the cmap1 argument range for continuous color plots


plscmap1_range(min_color, max_color)


Set the cmap1 argument range for continuous color plots. If min_color is greater than max_color or max_color is greater than 1.0 or min_color is less than 0.0 then no change is made. (Use plgcmap1_range(3plplot) to get the cmap1 argument range.)

Redacted form: plscmap1_range(min_color, max_color)

This function is currently used in example 33.


min_color (PLFLT, input)
The minimum cmap1 floating point argument.
max_color (PLFLT, input)
The maximum cmap1 floating point argument.


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